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Anshan libang compressor co., LTD., founded in 2002, is located in the laser industrial park of anshan (national) high-tech industrial development zone, with an area of 15,593 square meters and a construction area of 12,600 square meters. The company has municipal enterprise technology center --- anshan oil-free compressor engineering technology research center, and has marketing center, service department, production department, quality department, production workshop, management department. To enhance the brand influence, enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, the company in 2012 to market segmentation, optimization of the industrial chain, and gradually formed a bond technology co., LTD., liaoning anshan force state gas equipment co., LTD., anshan bond energy conservation and environmental protection equipment co., LTD., anshan forces more bond mechanical and electrical equipment sales co., LTD., realize collectivization operation.

Product center

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Smile: treat customers with moderate smile and considerate heart.

Quick: quickly respond to customer feedback and solve problems. Urgent needs of users.

Honesty: sincerity without hypocrisy is the basic working attitude of libang.

Dexterity: receive customers in a clean and efficient way, and win customers with flexible working style.

Professional research: we should always learn and master the product knowledge, answer the customer's confusion, help customers understand our products, and make our products suitable for customers.

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