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Anshan libang compressor co., LTD., founded in 2002, is located in the laser industrial park of anshan (national) high-tech industrial development zone, with an area of 15,593 square meters and a construction area of 12,600 square meters. The company has municipal enterprise technology center --- anshan oil-free compressor engineering technology research center, and has marketing center, service department, production department, quality department, production workshop, management department. To enhance the brand influence, enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, the company in 2012 to market segmentation, optimization of the industrial chain, and gradually formed a bond technology co., LTD., liaoning anshan force state gas equipment co., LTD., anshan bond energy conservation and environmental protection equipment co., LTD., anshan forces more bond mechanical and electrical equipment sales co., LTD., realize collectivization operation.

Products include (PSA) carbon molecular sieve nitrogen machine, oxygen machine, (VPSA) oxygen machine, ammonia decomposition nitrogen device, gas purification device and nitrogen purification device.

All oil-free reciprocating piston compressor series: flow from 0.01m /min, pressure from 0.1mpa to 15Mpa, motor power from 0.1kw to 132KW, compressed medium for air, oxygen, nitrogen, sulfur hexafluoride, oil and gas, hydrogen, helium, argon, carbon dioxide, methane, natural gas and other gases. According to user requirements, there are common type, silent type, explosion - proof type, anti - corrosion type.

The flow rate of water embalming oil-free air compressor is from 1.3m /min to 30m /min, the pressure is from 0.4mpa to 4.0mpa, and the motor power is from 7.5kw to 470KW.

The post-treatment equipment includes cooler, high-efficiency deoiler, freeze-drying machine, adsorption drying machine, filter, etc. According to your different requirements on the quality of compressed gas, provide economical and reasonable configuration. Oil < 0.01 PPM, dust particles < 0.01 HM, minimum pressure dew point - 40 ℃.

The gas storage tank series includes air storage tank, oxygen storage tank, steam storage tank, chemical storage tank, sandblasting tank, air separation cylinder, etc., with volume ranging from 0.05m to 1000m and pressure ranging from 0.1mpa to 10.0mpa.

The above products are widely used in food, beverage, grain machine, water treatment, medical treatment, pharmaceutical, petroleum, chemical, laser, communications, national defense, scientific research, metallurgy, mining, electronics, electric power, instrumentation, auto insurance, spraying and other industries.

Force state companies relying on the international cutting-edge technology, gathered a number of industry personnel, common rich product applications and manufacturing experience, with perfect sales service system and the honest working attitude, always committed to low carbon, energy saving, environmental protection of oil free compressor field development, highly favored users and social recognition and become the industry leader.

Over the years, libang company has built a team with the mind of achieving people, developed products with the mind of trying to improve the living environment of human beings, and returned to the society with the heart of gratitude to reflect the value.

Thank you for using or about to use oil-free compressors and related products for your "carefree".

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