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Why should air compressors be placed in a good environment

Why should air compressors be placed in a good environment

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As we all know, the use of air compressor environment is a certain requirement. In the establishment of air compressor stations, it is recommended to choose places with good ventilation and heat dissipation, good air quality, low humidity, and keep away from corrosive and irritating gases. So why are there these requirements for the service environment of air compressors?

I. if corrosive or irritating gases, such as sulfides and cleaning chemicals, are dispersed in the air in the operating environment of the air compressor. The high temperature of the compressor itself accelerates the oxidation of the oil. Once these gases enter the air compressor system, they will react with the lubricating oil, resulting in carbon deposition and sludge. Part of impurities into the oil circulation system will be blocked by the oil filter, and the other part of the impurity will rise with the mixture of oil and gas to oil, when gas through the oil content, these impurities in oil filter paper hole plugging, oil force will be gradually raised, the oil content in a relatively short period of time needs to change in advance

Two, in general, the higher the temperature, the air compressor exhaust temperature is higher, and the exhaust temperature is more difficult to control. If the working environment temperature is high, then the air pressure is smaller, it is difficult to play the role of air compressor.

Iii. The air filter with poor filtering accuracy will make some dust particles in the air unable to be intercepted, and directly enter the air compressor system, so that the oil filter and oil load is too large, resulting in the premature blockage of oil filter and oil.

Excessive water content on the oil component will make the filter material swell and micropore shrink, reduce the effective separation area of oil component, increase the resistance of oil component and block oil component in advance.

Five, when the unit is shut down after the external air flow with the leakage of the minimum pressure valve reflux to the oil, because the temperature and pressure at the same time will reduce the gas condensation into water droplets, water droplets into the oil will make the material bloating metamorphism.

The site selection environment of air compressor station needs to be taken into consideration. Bad environmental factors will affect the service performance and work efficiency of air compressor, and may increase the occurrence of faults and shorten the service life of the unit.

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