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Screw air compressor motor current is too large reason

Screw air compressor motor current is too large reason

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The normal current of the screw air compressor is 1.15% of the rated current. What causes the high flow rate of the screw air compressor?

1, screw air compressor environment temperature is too high. Treatment: screw air compressor equipped with duct type exhaust equipment;

2, screw air compressor three-phase voltage is unstable, under phase, voltage is too low (less than 10%). Treatment: please improve the electrical system;

3, screw air compressor motor temperature controller failure. Treatment: replace the air compressor temperature controller;

4, screw air compressor overload protector failure. Handling method: replace the overload protector of the air compressor;

5, screw air compressor starter contact poor. Treatment: air compressor starter contact maintenance;

6, screw air compressor gas separator block. Treatment: when the pressure difference of air compressor is greater than 0.8-1kg, the oil and gas separator should be replaced;

7. Motor bearing of screw air compressor is not lubricated. Treatment: add butter to the motor bearing;

8. Motor bearing of screw air compressor is damaged. Treatment: replace the motor bearing;

9, screw air compressor motor insulation poor. Processing method: remove the motor to do the work of insulation strengthening processing;

10, screw air compressor motor wiring loose. Processing method: re-lock the motor wiring;

11, screw air compressor inlet obstruction. Treatment: air inlet of air compressor is cleaned and maintained;

12, screw air compressor air filter blocking. Treatment: replace the air filter.

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