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Fault analysis of oil break valve of explosion-proof oilless air compressor

Fault analysis of oil break valve of explosion-proof oilless air compressor

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The oil cut-off valve is a switch used to control the main oil path into the screw head of the explosion-proof oilless air compressor. Its main function is: when the air compressor starts, it will not let too much oil enter the main engine, which will cause the air compressor to be unable to start due to blocking rotation. When the air compressor is shut down, due to the high internal pressure, the oil valve should cut off the oil circuit in time to prevent the oil from ejecting from the inlet valve.

There are two general cut-off valve, one is electronic; Another kind of mechanical. When the air compressor starts up, that is to say, when the star delta starts up and starts to load, the oil cut-off valve opens and immediately supplies oil to the screw head for cooling. Moreover, when the air compressor is shut down, the oil cut-off valve will move. When we press the stop button, the air compressor will unload immediately and enter the delayed shutdown state. The oil cut-off valve will close at the moment when the air compressor is shut down to prevent the internal pressure of the oil and gas barrel from ejection of the screw air compressor oil from the air inlet valve.

So it can be seen that the role of the air compressor oil valve is mainly in the action when the machine is shut down, boot to the air compressor oil supply, shut down is to prevent the internal oil injection.

Mechanical shut-off valve is mainly based on the size of the pressure automatically adjust the oil supply, when the pressure is large when the shut-off valve all open, also its design and intake valve mutual assistance. If the oil cut-off valve fails, the machine will shut down at high temperature immediately after starting up when the oil cut-off valve is not opened. If the oil cut-off valve is stuck in the open state, the oil will be sprayed immediately after starting up.

The main reason for the shut-off valve is that the solenoid valve is not energized, the coil is burnt out, the valve core is stuck, and the main controller is out of order. If the oil break valve is not open then the screw air compressor is not open, a boot will immediately overload host shutdown protection, must deal with the fault before normal operation.

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