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Oil - free air compressor manufacturers summarize the summer air compressor high - temperature fault

Oil - free air compressor manufacturers summarize the summer air compressor high - temperature fault

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Oil - free air compressor manufacturers summarize the summer air compressor high - temperature fault

1, the environment temperature is too high on the screw air compressor caused by the following two aspects

A: the higher the temperature is, the thinner the air will be (just like the low efficiency of air compressor in the plateau area), resulting in A decrease in the working efficiency of air compressor. As A result, the air compressor will be in the state of loading for more time with more load, resulting in more heat generated by the air compressor, and the temperature of the air compressor will definitely be higher.

B: general air compressor design when there is a running environment temperature (for example, 30 to 40 degrees), in the design of air compressor running ambient temperatures generally the highest temperature is nearly the temperature of the air compressor protection, if the air compressor running environment temperature, environment temperature is higher than design will improve the temperature of the air compressor make the compressor stop temperature is even greater than that of air compressor, resulting in the high temperature air compressor system.

2. The air compressor system is short of oil

The oil level in the oil and gas drum can be checked. When the lubricating oil is at a static state after the shutdown and pressure relief, the oil level should be slightly higher than the high oil level marker H(or MAX). During the operation of the equipment, the oil level shall not be lower than the low oil level mark L(or MIX). If it is found that the oil is not enough or the oil level cannot be observed, the machine should be stopped immediately for refueling.

3, check whether the oil regulator is normal, if necessary, can appropriately increase the amount of fuel injection

The amount of fuel injection has been adjusted when the equipment leaves the factory.

4, oil over the use of time, oil deterioration

Oil fluidity and heat exchange performance decrease. Cause the air compressor head heat can not be completely removed resulting in high temperature air compressor.

5. Improper specification or poor quality of lubricating oil

Screw machine lubricating oil are strict requirements, not optional replacement, should be in accordance with the requirements of the equipment operating instructions.

6. The oil stop valve (cut-off valve) is not working normally

The oil stop valve is usually two or two normally closed solenoid valve, which is opened when starting and closed when stopping, so as to avoid the oil in the oil and gas barrel continuing to spray into the machine head and ejection from the air inlet. If the component is not opened during loading, the main machine will heat up rapidly due to lack of oil. In severe cases, the screw assembly will burn out.

7, thermal control valve (temperature control valve) work failure

The thermal control valve is installed in front of the oil cooler to maintain the head exhaust temperature above the pressure dew point. The working principle is that when the machine is just started, due to the low oil temperature, the branch of the thermal control valve opens, the main loop closes, and the lubricating oil is sprayed directly into the machine head without passing through the cooler. For temperature rise to more than 40 ℃, thermal control valve shut down gradually, oil cooler and branch flow at the same time; Rise to more than 80 ℃, the valve is fully closed, the lubricating oil are all entering the nose again after the cooler, to maximize the lubricating oil for cooling.

If the thermal control valve fails, the lubricating oil may enter the machine head without passing through the cooler, thus the oil temperature cannot be lowered, resulting in overtemperature. The failure of the main reasons, one is the size of the spool on the two thermal spring fatigue elastic coefficient change, can not change with the temperature and normal operation; Two is the valve body wear, valve core stuck or action is not in place and can not normally close. It can be repaired or replaced according to the situation.

8. Oil filter problem

A: if the oil filter blocks the bypass valve and does not open, the air compressor oil will not reach the machine head, and the main engine will heat up rapidly due to oil shortage.

B: oil filter blocking traffic smaller, because the heat is air compressor in the case of a temperature is not very complete air compressor was taken away form high temperature rise slowly, another is air compressor air compressor high temperature after unloading, because of the high air compressor in the internal hydraulic load, air compressor oil can pass, and the air compressor air compressor after unloading oil pressure is low, air compressor oil through air compressor oil filter is difficult, the flow is too small to cause high temperature air compressor.

9, oil and gas separator plug

High temperature is one of the many problems that can result from excessive internal pressure caused by blockage of the oil and gas separator. This is the same as the first two reasons, the oil and gas separator blockage is mainly manifested as high internal pressure.

10. Check whether the air filter is blocked

Air filter blocking will cause the air compressor load is too large, long-term state of loading, will cause high temperature. It can be checked or replaced according to the alarm signal of the pressure difference switch. General air filter blockage is the first cause of the problem is reduced gas production, air compressor high temperature is a secondary performance.

11. Inaccurate temperature sensor reading

Check if the pressure is too high

Generally, the system pressure has been adjusted at the time of leaving the factory. If it is necessary to adjust the system pressure, the rated gas pressure calibrated by the nameplate of the equipment shall prevail. If the adjustment is too high, due to the increase of the load of the machine, will cause the phenomenon of overtemperature. This is also the same as the last reason, air compressor high temperature is a secondary performance, the main performance is the air compressor mechanical and electrical current increased, air compressor protection stop.

13. Check whether the oil cooler works normally

For water-cooled machine, check the temperature of the import and export of conduit, under normal circumstances should be 5 a 8 ℃, lower than 5 ℃ might be scaling or jam phenomenon, will influence the cooler in thermal efficiency, and lead to bad heat dissipation, the heat exchanger can be removed after cleaning.

14. Check whether the inlet temperature of cooling water is too high, whether the water pressure and flow rate are normal, and check whether the ambient temperature is too high for the air-cooled model

Cooling water inlet temperature should not be commonly more than 35 ℃, the water pressure in the 0.3 0.5 MPA, 90% of the traffic flow should not be less than regulation. The environment temperature should not be higher than 40 ℃. If it fails to meet the above requirements, it can be solved by installing cooling towers, improving indoor ventilation and increasing machine room space. It can also check whether the cooling fan works normally. In case of failure, repair or replace it.

15, the air cooling unit is mainly to check whether the difference in inlet and outlet oil temperature in about 10 degrees, if less than this value should be checked on the radiator surface fin is dirty.

16, air cooler fan problem is that the fan does not turn, fan invert phase, 2 fans only open a

17. Problems of exhaust pipes installed by customers of air-cooled models

There are exhaust pipes with too small air surface, exhaust pipes too long, exhaust pipes with too many middle bends, exhaust pipes with too long middle bends, whether there are installed exhaust fans, the flow of exhaust fans is less than the original cooling fan of air compressor.

18, the computer reading is not accurate

19. Head problem

Generally, the head bearing of air compressor is required to be replaced within 20,000-24000 hours, because the clearance and balance of air compressor are guaranteed by the bearing. If the bearing wear increases, it will increase the heat production of air compressor head and cause high temperature of air compressor.

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