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Medical oilless air compressor can not start how to do?

Medical oilless air compressor can not start how to do?

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Medical oilless air compressor can not start how to do?

First we need to determine what type of medical oil-free air compressor we have. Is it piston, screw or vortex? Failure to start indicates a failure to open or no indication of downtime.

Encounter this kind of problem, what we want to check above all is the voltage of oilless air compressor and current. After making sure that there is no problem with either one, we can consider whether there is something wrong with the machine itself.

If it is confirmed to be the problem of the machine after careful inspection, what we need to check at this time is the circuit, and it is necessary to consider the controller and the host. Basically, the problem that the oil-free air compressor cannot start can be solved by the above steps.

No oil air compressor intermittent work, often appear gas shortage

This fault is usually caused by the insufficient current and voltage of the connection of the oilless air compressor. There is a buzz when it starts.

This is because the low voltage makes the oil free air compressor head work when the voltage is less than 200V, the occurrence of this problem will also make the oil free air compressor head start frequently and lead to the rise of temperature, the terminal start circuit protection device and lead to shutdown, until the temperature drops when the oil free air compressor will restart.

For frequent users of this problem, our advice is to replace the current when working or install an automatic voltage regulator to solve the problem.

Medical oil-free air compressor



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