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Safety measures for explosion-proof oil-free air compressor

Safety measures for explosion-proof oil-free air compressor

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Safety measures for the use of explosion-proof oil-free air compressor:

(1) when the compressed air is cooled, blow away the congealed oil-water mixture in the cooler, air storage barrel and oil separator in time, less once per hour.

(2) no oil air compressor in the work, if the cooling water supply is not timely, to immediately park for cooling.

(3) before starting the oil-free air compressor, the water jacket of the cylinder and the cooler shall be provided with advanced water.

(4) before the water jacket of the cylinder is completely cooled, it shall not take in water to prevent the cylinder wall from cracking.

(5) the cooling water entering the water jacket shall be put into the special holding tank with water pressure drop, and the water tank shall be equipped with a horizontal indicating scale. When the water level drops below the limit, the signal equipment will take effect; Can also choose centrifugal pump water; Do not use the direct use of water from the lei water pipe, because it is difficult to see whether the water.

(6) the water shall be drained by the water jacket of the cylinder or the water jacket of the cooler with an open liquid flow so as to check the uninterrupted effect of all cooling equipment and measure the drainage temperature. Drain the water temperature shall not be higher than 20 ℃ to 30 ℃.

(7) in order to prevent the explosion caused by overpressure, the compressor should be equipped with a pressure gauge and safety valve which have been verified and qualified.

(8) when the compressed air is to be introduced into the system with lower pressure, the pressure reducer shall be equipped.

(9) in order to prevent the compressor system from cracking due to the ignition of the explosive mixture of gas, the following measures shall be taken:

(1) the intake pipe should be set in the direction of making unclean gas, evaporation and dust, etc. The air inlet of the intake pipe shall be provided with a protective cover to prevent the intrusion of rain, ice, snow and other sundries.

The air must go through a filter to remove the dust.

(3) out of the air cylinder, must be approved by a special pipe cooler down to 25 ℃ and 30 ℃ the mercy, prevent the condensed water accumulated in the ducts.

(10) when checking and repairing, special attention shall be paid to prevent the swabbing data, wood blocks and other materials from falling into the cylinder, air storage barrel and pipe, because such substances may catch fire in compressed air.

(11) in the cleaning of the cylinder wall, to use oil, not gasoline, scrub cloth immersion oil can not be too much.

(12) after being cleaned, the cylinder head must be opened to allow the oil to evaporate completely.

(13) when compressed air is used, the airflow should never be directed towards the staff.

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