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Four reasons to choose explosion-proof oil-free air compressor

Four reasons to choose explosion-proof oil-free air compressor

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Four reasons to choose explosion-proof oil-free air compressor

1. Because of the high viscosity of the lubricating oil, the current oil removal equipment cannot be completely removed, so the oil-free air compressor compressed gas is irreplaceable.

2. At present, the freeze-drying machine has no heat regenerative dryer, micro-heat regenerative dryer and other water removal equipment, and the function of water removal is lost due to oil in the compressed air; The clean oil-free gas compressed by the oil-free compressor fully protects the water removal equipment and reduces the extra capital occupied by maintaining the water removal equipment.

3, the use of all oil-free air compressor to provide external compressed gas, not because of the oil removal equipment caused by the pressure loss and greatly reduce the motor load, to achieve energy-saving effect; At present, the three-stage oil purifier with good quality will produce pressure loss of 1 to 1.2 kg in the use process. A 7.5kw air compressor will pay an extra power loss of 600W for every increase of 1 kg of pressure. Every working day (10 hours as an example) will pay 6 degrees of electricity, which will be a long-term intangible expense.

4, use a large waste lubricating oil, oil air compressor with a 7.5 KW high-quality oil air compressor as an example, the monthly minimum 5 kg of lubricating oil consumption, more than a year to pay 60 kg lubricating oil use cost, at the same time, in order to remove the compressed gas in the oil, to use efficient oil filter, need to change the filter core for many times, is also a big cost.

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