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Medical oil-free air compressor lubricating oil deterioration treatment

Medical oil-free air compressor lubricating oil deterioration treatment

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Medical oil-free air compressor lubricating oil deterioration treatment

There are many reasons for the deterioration of lubricating oil. Scientific and standard measures should be taken to ensure the safety and stability of the equipment.

I. replacement of lubricating oil

Do a good job in quality monitoring of lubricating oil, find the deterioration of oil, take timely replacement treatment and preventive measures according to the cause of deterioration. Clean the equipment well during replacement. When adding lubricating oil, add suitable lubricating oil and strictly control the amount of oil. If the amount of oil is too much, it will lead to poor separation effect of the oil separator, and the oil content in the discharged air exceeds the standard; If the lubricating oil is too little, it can not play a good lubrication effect, in addition, insufficient heat will lead to high temperature jump. Therefore, an appropriate amount of lubricating oil should be added in time to strictly control the amount of oil to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

Ii. Do a good job in lubricating oil quality monitoring

Ensure the normal operation of the automatic blowdown valve, and discharge the sedimentary oil and water at the bottom of the oil tank after shutdown for a period of time to prevent the adverse impact of oil and water on the operation of the equipment. Regularly observe the color and turbidity of the lubricating oil in the oil level mirror of the oil tank during operation, and sample and test the acid value of the lubricating oil during the shutdown of the equipment; Regularly test the oil with the above observation method, and regularly test the performance parameters of the lubricating oil with professional instruments.

Three, the choice of lubricating oil

Lubricating oil lubrication properties, oxidation resistance, anti-foam and air release, service life, suitable flash point, etc., and product quality has a direct link, choose suitable viscosity and other performance better special screw compressor oil, not only can prolong the life cycle of product, also can effectively protect the equipment, the effect of prevent inferior performance of lubricating oil on the equipment.

It has been scientifically proved that using the same test conditions on the same type of compressor, using the oil with lower viscosity can reduce the loss power of the compressor by about 10% than using the oil with higher viscosity, and there is no significant difference in the wear of parts.

Strengthen management

Compressor related personnel should attach great importance to the management of lubricating oil, from the selection of oil, sampling detection, storage, use, replacement and other aspects of the control, to ensure the good performance of lubricating oil.

Do a good job of monitoring the incoming of oil products, strengthen the storage management of lubricating oil, timely find problems, timely solve problems, and prevent the damage of unqualified or spoiled lubricating oil to the compressor.

Medical oil-free air compressor



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