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Medical oil-free air compressor after-sales maintenance

Medical oil-free air compressor after-sales maintenance

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Medical oil-free air compressor after-sales maintenance:

After a period of time, the screw air compressor after-sales staff will conduct a maintenance of the air compressor, air compressor some short period of time filter material for a replacement, maintenance of the air compressor.

1. Clean the air valve, clean the carbon accumulation on the valve seat and cover, clean the lubricating oil filter and screen, and check the moving structure.

2. Clean the filter. Filter in dusty areas should be cleaned to reduce cylinder wear.

3. Filter the air compressor oil every 2000h to remove metal chips and dust impurities. If the oil is not clean, oil should be changed, and the whole machine clearance for a comprehensive inspection.

Long time idle maintenance: most factories will be equipped with some spare air compressor, will not use for a long time (generally sealed), but idle for too long will make the air compressor function decline or even difficult to use. When the air compressor idle over to the air compressor on the line of maintenance.

1. Before the unit is sealed up, the specified amount of embellish shall be added as required, and the embellish shall be added again if the idle period exceeds 6 months. Reapply the moisturizer before driving.

2. Before the unit is put back into operation, clean the grease of the oil seal, wash it with kerosene or gasoline, and then add new oil.

Medical oil-free air compressor



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