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What are the serious faults of medical oilless air compressor?

What are the serious faults of medical oilless air compressor?

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What are the serious faults of medical oilless air compressor?

1. Inhalation process:

The inlet side of the screw inspiratory mouth, designed to make the compression chamber can inhale fully, no air intake and exhaust valve group and screw compressor, air intake by a regulating valve opening and closing of the adjustment, as the rotor turns, main rotor tooth groove space when transferred to the inlet end wall openings, the space is larger, the rotor tooth groove space and liberty in the inlet air are interlinked, because of the exhaust air is full of tooth canal of discharge, at the end of the exhaust, tooth groove is in a vacuum, when transferred to air inlet, outside air is inhaled, along the axial flow into the main rotor tooth groove. When air fills the whole tooth groove, the end face of the air inlet side of the rotor rotates away from the air inlet of the housing, and the air between the tooth groove is closed.

2. Sealing and conveying process:

At the end of the suction of the main and auxiliary rotors, the tooth summit of the main and auxiliary rotors and the housing are closed and sealed. At this time, the air is no longer closed and sealed in the tooth groove, i.e. [sealing process]. The two rotors continue to rotate, and the tooth peak and tooth groove are anastomosed at the suction end, and the anastomotic surface moves towards the exhaust end gradually.

3. Compression and oil injection process:

In the conveying process, the meshing surface moves towards the exhaust end gradually, that is, the tooth groove between the meshing surface and the exhaust port gradually reduces, and the gas in the tooth groove is gradually compressed and the pressure increases, which is the compression process. At the same time, the lubricating oil is sprayed into the compression chamber and mixed with the chamber gas due to the effect of pressure difference.

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