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Miniature reciprocating piston air compressor

Miniature reciprocating piston air compressor

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Miniature reciprocating piston air compressor

   WZ-0.31 Miniature reciprocating piston air compressor

Mini reciprocating piston air compressor, drawing lessons from domestic and foreign similar products of high quality model mechanism, using computer three-dimensional modeling for optimization design, more reasonable structure, better performance. The motor is equipped with thermal protector to ensure that the air compressor will not burn out due to overload.

The main parts and components are processed by CNC machine tools in strict accordance with national standards. Stable mechanical performance, reliable internal quality, beautiful appearance, small size, light weight, simple operation, easy to carry, strong wind. Widely used in painting, decoration, pneumatic tools, mining machinery and other places that need compressor air.

Scope of application: nail gun with air, air batch, small area spray paint, glue dispenser and other small instruments, dust blowing, small car inflation, home decoration, repair shop, with foam machine and so on, small pneumatic tools and instruments can be basic.

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