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Explosion-proof oil-free air compressor advantages and application areas

Explosion-proof oil-free air compressor advantages and application areas

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Explosion-proof oil-free air compressor advantages

1, the machine itself materials do not contain oily substance, work also need not add any lubricating oil, thus greatly improve the quality of the discharge by air and the safety of the users have to form a complete set of equipment also has the security, unlike oil air compressor, because of the exhaust gas containing a large number of oil molecules, for the user the different levels of the form a complete set of equipment from corrosion, so choose mute oil free compressor of air quality guarantee is necessary.

2, the use and maintenance of explosion-proof oil-free air compressor is more convenient and simple than the oil air compressor. It is not like the oil air compressor in the use of the process also need to regularly replace the machine or oil, more will not have the phenomenon of oil injection, oil leakage. Also do not need to spend time to maintain, the automatic pressure sensor switch will automatically start or stop according to the amount of gas you use, automatic drainage device will also let you save a lot of worry, use is very convenient, let you save worry and save electricity. Plus life than the general oil air compressor use for a long time, there is no reason not to choose it?

Applicable fields of explosion-proof oil-free air compressor:

According to the broad category of industry, high noise oil free air compressor is only used in some construction sites or simple industrial gas supply, of course, the premise is not too high noise requirements of the place. And silent oilless air compressor has a very wide range of available fields, in general, as long as the need for clean air source and quiet workplace can be applied. Here is a simple list of one or two: the medical industry, laboratory, all kinds of analytical instruments, fermentation tanks, etc. Can choose the machine with a dryer, so as to better ensure the quality of air; Then some of the common gas equipment such as production line of dispensing machine, printing machine or simply used to provide power and air dry, as long as a low noise oil free air compressor can be, the user can according to the actual situation about industry experts for help, also can through to air compressor sales personnel directly detailing their own needs, again by sales staff to recommend appropriate models of products.

According to the industry standard: mute oilless air compressor mute value must reach about 55dB, oilless is 100% oil-free, anshui standard to be accurate to 0.001um. At present, due to the fierce competition in the market and industry, coupled with the low starting point, backward technology level and unscientific product structure design of most of these enterprises, many domestic air compressor manufacturers simply cannot meet the industry standards, and the data provided is false. Even material selection, gas storage tank internal treatment and cylinder wall thickness and other basic requirements can not be guaranteed, in order to save costs, some small enterprises quality assurance also has a lot of problems. So in the selection of the machine must be careful, careful again!

Explosion-proof oil-free air compressor



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